“Oh this?.. it’s just from Zara”

  It was only when I went to wardrobe today that I thought “Damn, I love Zara”. I don’t know who’s apart of their design team but they really need around of applause…. and it should be a  big one.  Don’t get me wrong there are other fast fashion brands that I love and know I… Continue reading “Oh this?.. it’s just from Zara”


An Evening with Hunter-Rose

Hunter Rose is fashion label, specialising in nightwear that carries the beauty of the evening well into the night.  There is nothing like getting ready for bed while all the while still looking elegant and seductive as ever. Different to anything that has hit the Perth fashion scene before, Hunter Rose is an iconic and… Continue reading An Evening with Hunter-Rose

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Valentine’s Day: Ditching Tradition

It’s that time of year again where couples express their love through gifts, flowers and dates on the day of love. But why is it that we spend so much time and money on celebrating a day of love, when love should be appreciated everyday? I honestly feel like its the ‘singles’ that are getting… Continue reading Valentine’s Day: Ditching Tradition