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The lowdown on Perth’s Top 10 places for Smashed Avo

If you love your avocado the price, season and time of day will not deter you from getting your hands on one.    Especially if it comes to choosing a brunch spot where this magical fruit features on the menu…….yes I’m talking about Smashed Avo.

There’s nothing quite like eating fresh, smashed avo on thick piece of sourdough with a few sides to make it really pop. After volunteering as tribute, I decided to go on the hunt to find the best smashed avocado in Perth.  These are few places that really made my taste buds happy.

  1. Hylin, West- Leederville– I really don’t think it’s possible to get a bad meal from this place.  Which is probably why there’s always always foodies who are not just locals waiting to get a spot to eat.
  2. Pixel Cafe, Leederville–  Super healthy, super fresh and the coffee here is also amazing.
  3. The Ingredient Tree, Wembley– You wouldn’t think smashed avo and smashed pumpkin would be as bloody great together as they are. These guys were the first to suss that out,  definitely a combo worth trying.
  4. The Little Pantry, Shenton Park– Food that’s as great to look at as it is to eat, is always a winner.
  5. Chu Bakery, North Perth – The perfect place if you want brunch on the go or if you want to sit and chill in the park opposite. Served on freshly baked bread, you can’t really go wrong here.
  6. Stomping Coffee Ground 6060, North Perth-  $7 for smashed Avo on toast? This place has got to be on your foodie bucket list.
  7. 99 Pallet Cafe, Fremantle -Keeping it simple in the South with a little bit of rocket to make sure you get your daily greens.
  8. Little Way, Nedlands-  A Perfectly poached egg resting on top of peas smashed with Avo? Yes please
  9. Nick and Kolo, Applecross- Daring to be different these guys have taken it to the next level. Using bruschetta, tomato, feta and  slices of beetroot cured salmon, they bring a Mediterranean vibe with every bite.
  10. Someday Coffee Co., Floreat-  A cafe that makes you feel like your in L.A. With pink tiles,  marble tables and cute palm trees…… and yes the Avo is just as amazing as their decor.

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