The Top 5 Op- Shops in Perth

Op Shop 1.jpg

It wasn’t until recently that I re discovered my love for Thrifting.  A friend of mine had introduced me to it a few years back but I it found hard incorporating my individual style with vintage pieces.  Some people are natural’s at it and can wear anything yet still look effortlessly cool . Whilst some people (like myself) take a little longer to pick up the skills of thrifting.

OP Shop 3.jpg

Since finding some really cool vintage items and loving the way they look with my current  fast fashion pieces I thought it was only right to share my Top 5 Places to Op- Shop in Perth.




  1. Vinnies –165 Scarborough Beach Road, Mount Hawthorn

Set up like a small boutique it fits in perfectly with all the other boutiques and cute cafes on the main strip. This place is amazing for finding individual pieces that can easily be added to a modern wardrobe.  The pricing is moderate and you can find some really great vintage gems.

2. Good Sammy’s – 199 Abernethy Rd, Belmont

If your thrifting for a specific reason e.g. winter jumpers, vintage dresses, home decor or costumes then look no further! This Op- Shop has just about everything you can think of and is the cheapest out of all the Op- Shops I have from thrifted so far. I  recently picked up 5 winter jumpers that I love before my trip to New Zealand. All of which came to about $35.

3. Good Sammys- 142 High St, Fremantle 

Now if vintage pieces that make a statement are you jam then check this one out. Their collection  has a strong focus on signature items think 80’s leather jackets, 70’s prints, 1960’s fur and so on.  It’s at the higher end of pricing mainly because most of the items that are sold in this store have strategically been selected by thrifting professionals. It may seem on the exy side but these vintage buys are like no others.

4. Vinnies Retro Clothing – 267 William Street, Northbridge 

The name says it all with this one. Retro finds that are loud, bold and give you a time warp experience.  If your after something a little funkier and really want into get into your thrifting eras then give this one a try.

5. Salvos – 320 Selby St, Osborne Park

It’s easy to drive past this one as it’s  located just off the forever busy Scarborough Beach Road. But if you happen to be driving past make sure you pop in.  Sometimes you don’t even need to be looking for anything in particular, for something cool to catch your eye. This Op Shop could have you walking out with one vintage find or ten depending on whats in store!



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