“Oh this?.. it’s just from Zara”


ZARA Fashion

It was only when I went to wardrobe today that I thought “Damn, I love Zara”.

I don’t know who’s apart of their design team but they really need around of applause…. and it should be a  big one.  Don’t get me wrong there are other fast fashion brands that I love and know I will always find an item I  don’t want too leave the store without.  But for me Zara just kills it time after time.

No matter which country you go to Zara is always leading the way in fast fashion and always cater too their customers ideals within the country they are in. For example if you head to the Gulf Region your going to find  pieces to be slightly more conservative then if you are shopping in a Zara in London.Even though the designs may differ the sense of style never does.

Zara Fashion 1

My favourite three blouses that I have collected over the recent years all happen to be  from Zara. All still timeless and all in perfect condition.  I can wear them all year round and they have proven to be perfect staple pieces. You know the best thing  is though? All three together cost under $100…

If your looking to add to your Autumn and Winter wardrobe with some quality staples this year then make sure you stop in at Zara.

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