It’s all Gucci Baby

Gucci Side Shot

This season I have seen a lot of fast fashion labels releasing collections that are on par with the current Gucci trend. It’s dominating the fashion scene at the moment and I loving it!  It also means that we can all have a Gucci vibe in our wardrobes without breaking the bank.

Gucci shoe side shotMy most recent Gucci Vibe buy were these sneakers from Seed Heritage . I can already tell their gonna be my “go to’s” this season.  They add a pop of colour to any outfit. Which makes them the perfect touch for a neutral Autumn palette. Greys, white and nudes just work, don’t they?

The impact of the Gucci collection for 2017 has been major and it is definitely here to stay.  So here are some piece’s you can add to your wardrobe this season to get that Gucci vibe going;



Gucci skirt Gucci Bag   Gucci Jeans 2                gucci shoes  Gucci sunnies   gucci Bra

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