An Evening with Hunter-Rose


Hunter Rose is fashion label, specialising in nightwear that carries the beauty of the evening well into the night.  There is nothing like getting ready for bed while all the while still looking elegant and seductive as ever. Different to anything that has hit the Perth fashion scene before, Hunter Rose is an iconic and game changing fashion label.


Each piece from the collection is unique with something different to say, yet all of the designs will make getting ready for the bed so much more appealing.

Not only do they look beautiful on, they feel like a dream to sleep in and can be worn well into the next day. If you want too feel special, then you should spend a night with Hunter Rose.



But it was after spending some time with savvy duo who behind the label, Ivy Arellano and Loan Tran, that I learnt their was so much more then what meets the eye.


Their two Perth women with creativity, ambitious minds and killer style and they are definitely ones to admire when it comes to beauty and brains.

How did Hunter Rose come to be ? 
Loan and I both had big dreams for our career so we went to uni, got the right experience and climbed the corporate ladder, then realised this rat race wasn’t for us. We were unhappy to say the very least. My mum was diagnosed with stomach cancer and I fell into depression, so I had decided to leave my job and focus on myself and family. It gave me the time to spend with my mum before we lost her to the disease.
Throughout this painful time Loan had been on a self discovery journey of her own, realising that the career path she was on was not her passion.
1 month after my mum had passed and after a 2 hour telephone conversation Loan and I created Hunter-Rose.
The start of Hunter-Rose was a symbol of new beginnings and self realisation that happiness and health sits well above money. We now get wake up everyday to work on something we are truly passionate about and haven’t looked back since.
Hunter Rose has become very popular within a short amount of time. What would you say has been the key to your success ? 
The thing about being an entrepreneur is that you are always hungry for more and I think it’s that hunger to create the best version of Hunter-Rose is what has given us a good following and a loyal community. We could talk all day about influencers, collaborations, networking and marketing strategies, but it simply comes down to hard work and persistence. I truly believe the difference between successful companies and the unsuccessful ones, is that when everyone else throws in the towel the successful one’s dig deep and make it work somehow.
Influencers, collaborations, networking, marketing strategies and a bit of luck also helps.
What do you love most about working with your best friend ?
God, whats not to love! I guess for me the best thing about working with my bestie is we always have each others back. Not because it’s in the businesses best interest, but because we have that love for each other. It doesn’t feel like work when you get to chat about the latest goss, relive our horror dates from the night before and the making the tough choice of which Ryan is hotter (Reynols/Gosling). I honestly couldn’t imagine sharing this experience with anyone other then Loan.
Describe a Hunter Rose girl in three words? 
Oh she is soooo many words, but if we can only choose three:
Playful, Strong and Compassionate.
What can we expect to see from Hunter Rose in the future ? 
We’re working on a white edit as we speak. White is always a big seller for us and I think it’ll work well with our personalised service and also perfect for pre-wedding preps. I’m really looking forward to winter, that’s always a tough season for us in terms of designs, but I love a challenge. Ultimately we’d love to expand, create a household name nationally and internationally and develop other ranges (mens, children’s, luxe sleepwear etc)







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