Kitsch Bar Asia


A short walk away from the busier part of Oxford Street in Leederville,  is Kitsch Bar Asia.

Designed to be a small intimate tapas bar, the food, staff, and decor create and intimate and enchanting dining experience.

Surrounded by fairy lights and small scenic plants you would easily be fooled into thinking that you were in the comfort of your own alfresco.  That could easily be the case if it weren’t for the very attentive and charismatic staff.

As soon as your seated, you are told about sharing plate style and the most popular dishes on the menu.

I tried a range of dishes but my favourites were the Spiced corn fritters w green chilli jam & coriander syrup, Crispy salt & pepper tofu w sambal kecap and Sriracha & garlic roasted cauliflower  w paneer.

Perfect sharing portions, tantalising flavours and beautiful colours, all of these dishes were very delicious.

Kitsch Bar Asia, really do bring different parts of Asia to the table and leave you with a memorable dining experience.


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