DIY- Tea Tree Steam Facial


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWearing make up all week combined with working out and just general moisturising, you may find yourself breaking out.

This DIY tea tree steam facial,  will not only cleanse your skin but will make it radiant for the weekend ahead!

You will need

  • A bowl of boiling water
  • Tea tree oil
  • A Towel

Before you start make sure you remove all make up so that you are your barefaced, beautiful self.

After you have filled your heat proof bowl with boiling water.  Add 1 to 3 drops of Tea Tree oil. ( Depending on your personal preference of strength)


Then carefully hover your face over the steaming water and drape the towel over you head and shoulders.I recommend steaming your face for around 10 minutes to achieve the best result of removing impurities.


Rinse your face with warm water and moisturise. You will be left with clean, fresh and radiant skin!






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