Palette Nails with Britney Lee

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetA nail parlour that specialises on putting artistry back into nails, incorporating trends, and  unique colour designs has officially made it to Perth.

Britney Lee launched Palette Nails in 2015 and since its debut the nail salon has had back to back clientele.

I caught up with the trendy and equally beautiful Palette Nail founder, Britney, for a quick chat about her savvy business venture.

What is Palette Nails and why is so unique? especially in Perth?

We create fashion forward nail art that leaves you walking out with a new accessory, your nails.   Theres nothing like it in Perth from our deco to our services. There was a lull in the market for luxury, fashionable nail studios with a beautiful interior and editorial designs in Perth. So I set out and created Palette Nails.”

What inspires your creativity?

Anything and everything. From fashion and runway trends to furniture designs and texture, to colours and and architecture.” 

If you could give advice to women thinking about starting their own business venture what would it be?

“Two things,

NEVER GIVE UP: Nothing prepares you for the stress and workload of starting your own business, but nothing prepares you for the happiness either.

GO MAKE IT HAPPEN:  Palette was created by stumbling across an amazing Nail Bar in NYC. I knew nothing about nails beforehand except that I loved to paint them.  I saw it and inspired me and I knew Perth needed something like it.  Amongst working full time, I studied to be a Nail Technician after I returned from my travels.  I then quit full time work and Palette was born. I put everything on the line to make it work and I am so glad i did because it’s the best decision I ever made.

“Oh… maybe a third. Stay confident and believe in yourself that’s important to!”


Head to to make your appointment.

One thought on “Palette Nails with Britney Lee

  1. Loved reading this
    I started nails 2yrs ago just gel polish and then did my cert 2
    Now qualified a year
    And I started cos I like pretty nails!!
    I don’t want to be the best or win awards,I just like doing pretty nails and getting that reaction when ladies look at there hands or feet and say ” ohh that’s better,I feel so nice now”
    Can’t wait to read more


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